The Cranbrook School catchment area

  • Mike Thompson
  • 18th September 2017

Cranbrook School is one of the most popular secondary schools in Kent, with parents willing to spend extra on houses and private tutors to increase the chances of their children meeting the academic and geographical criteria for getting in at year 7 or year 9.

At AdmissionsDay, we can’t help with the academics, but we can help with the catchment. We’ve added data on the school’s catchment area (we call it a priority admission area) into the website, so our users can easily see its extent and judge whether a property is in it or not.

You can access the details we have for Cranbrook School here.

Email updates for property hunters

We’re also considering setting up automatic property alerts so we can send users an email when a new property matching their criteria comes onto the market within the catchment. If you’re interested in this, send us an email to let us know.

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